For the 1941 model year Studebaker brought out its new line of light and medium duty trucks, the M-Series. This consisted of the ½ ton M5, the 1 ton M15 and the 1½ ton M16. The M5 and M15 were powered by the new for 1939 Champion 80HP six and the M16 used the 226ci Commander six. The trucks were available in Standard or DeLuxe trim. The last 1942 models were built with black out trim because of WWII chrome shortages.

M5 production started in November 1940 with M15 and M16 beginning a month later. Truck production went well into 1942 even though the government had shut down most car production shortly after the Pearl Harbor attack in December 1941. In the spring of 1945 production resumed on the M15 trucks. A total of 4000 were built in 1945 and early 1946. These trucks used the C-9 military cab with the swing out windshield. In December 1945 the 1946 M trucks started production with the models being the same as 1941 (except the M15 was now the M15A) plus a new M17 2 ton export model.

The last year for the M Series was 1948 as the new 2R trucks debuted for the 1949 model year. The total number of M Series trucks built from 1940 through 1948 was 146,655, with 54,060 going to the military during the war.


For more information on the M Series and other Studebaker trucks, see Skip Lackie’s excellent history at   http://www.studebakerdriversclub.com/StudebakerTruckHistory.asp .


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